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Many challenges face the food industry.  Pests, and the contaminants they transmit, pose a threat to every food operation.  Keeping your plant and products free of pests and contaminants is critical to the success of your organization.  To prevent these adversities from becoming costly problems and to meet or exceed the requirements of internal and external pest management audits, it is extremely important that you develop a strong partnership with a pest management firm which understands your needs and has extensive experience in food industry pest management and sanitation.

Communication and prevention are key elements for success in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy at IFC.  Following a thorough initial inspection, our highly trained and experienced staff will provide an Initial Facility IPM Assessment including detailed observations and recommendations for a progressive, customized pest management program and strategy for each client facility.


Since 1937, IFC has provided comprehensive services and products exclusively to the food industry. This expertise gives us a distinct advantage and understanding of the requirements in every type of food handling environment. When you select IFC, you’re choosing a pest management company truly experienced in food processing and distribution operations.


Our nationwide coverage allows IFC to be available anywhere when needed.  Without the constraints of a set daily schedule over varied types of clients, IFC’s service specialists have the flexibility to spend as much time as needed on each visit to ensure your facility is in audit-ready condition.  This also makes us easy to reach and quick to respond to any unexpected situations that require our expert assistance.


IFC has maintained an industry-wide reputation for providing consistent, reliable and customized services to our clients.  Our service specialists are trained to make certain that all of our services fulfill safety and quality requirements.  Clients trust us to keep them in full compliance which allows them to focus on other priorities while feeling confident that their brands are protected under IFC care.


IFC Research and Development team includes entomologists and biosciences professionals who continuously evaluate new materials and methods to keep our service specialists equipped with state of the art IPM techniques and tools.  This team helps develop industry-leading, proprietary formulations and products which directly benefit our clients’ operations.


The main focus in all IFC’s training is protecting health/safety and reducing risk.  Compliance with labels and labeling, as well as implementing the safest and most effective methods, are the main components of IFC’s integrated pest management program.  For IFC personnel, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Company have been designed to supplement legal requirements and add additional precautions, based on our many years of industry experience.  These procedures are implemented during our employee training programs and reviewed during territory and regional safety meetings.

IFC conducts its own comprehensive in-house training of all personnel on applicable Federal, State, local regulations concerning EPA, OSHA, DOT, FDA and USDA. Additionally, IFC personnel are required to attend state training programs.


  • To ensure that your facility and products are pest free and exceed the requirements of internal and external pest management audits.
  • To establish a superior food safety program employing IPM for the prevention and control of pests in your facility with emphasis on cleaning, trapping, monitoring and harborage removal, thereby reducing the use of pesticides whenever practical.
  • To establish techniques, procedures and practices within the sanitation and quality control program that ensure the performance results specified by you and IFC.